Learn to Skate

Welcome to the Online Surf Shop learn to Skateboard page.

Before we start never just jump on a skateboard whilst learning without the correct safety gear. Over the years i’ve seen to many injuries when someone just jumps on a board for a quick go and next thing its off to the hospital for a few stitched in the head or a broken wrist or arm.

First of all your going to need some gear including safety gear whilst learning.

A safety helmet is a good idea when your learning, even though some of the cool guys down an the park arn’t wearing one. Use your head and strap on a helmet

Shoes. Make sure you buy some quality skate shoes that support your feet and most skate shoes have flat soles to give maximum grip on your board.

Elbow and wrist guards are a good idea to if your going to push the boundarys a bit and knee pads if your riding a ramp.

Boards, trucks and wheels. If you think you would like to start skating get down to your local ramp and talk to the guys that are doing all the cool tricks. Theses guys generally live and breath skating and although some may look a bit scary, once you start talking skating you generally wont shut them up. Tell them your about to buy your first board and get a bit of feedback on what mistakes they made when starting and where would they recommend you buy your board. Dont go into a department store and buy one of those cheap boards for $35 and think that will do. The deck should be laminated timber and the wheels urethane, not plastic. Quality trucks which are your skateboards axels and smooth quality bearings are all important and help when learning. You should be able to pick up a nice complete board for around the $120.00 mark in Australia.

Starting out in any sport means time with your gear and skatboardings no different. The more time you spend on the board the more you will improve. First up establish your stance, either goofy ( right foot forward ) or natural footed ( left foot forward ). This may take a while when learning but you will feel over time which stance suits you. With one foot on your board push your board nice and slowly forward then follow through with the foot thats off the board and move it forward in a walking type motion. Keep that up untill you feel you have the balance to put that foot up on the board and glide along a little then drop that same foot off the board and drag it to stop. Like i said before, get out there and spend time on the skateboard. Its the only way to improve.

Enjoy your skating cheers Rob.