Learn to Ski

Welcome to the Online Surf Shop learn to Ski page.

Over the years ive worked out you need quality gear as the cheaper brands just dont seem to stack up.

When your ready to search for gear try the Surf Shop.

First you going to need some gear like a jacket, pants, gloves, boots and an optional helmet ( recommended ) skis and bindings.

There is so much gear on the market and its really a case of dealing with someone reputable when it comes to gear as its so important for safety to have the correct gear.

Gloves, Jackets, and Pants are up to the individual and generally you get what you pay for. Do your homework as you dont want to end up freezing and wet after buying chep gear. You will see a rating on some jackets and pants like 5000, 10,000 or 20,000 and the higher the number the more waterproof the gear.

Goggles, go for double lens goggles as they fog up less with the duel lens barrier and go for quality as your goggles should last for years if you look after them. Never wipe them out with your shirt or jacket and actually try never to touch the inside of the lens as most of the quality goggles have an antifog coating that scratches very easy. Make sure they are helmet compatible if your wearing a helmet and make sure they fit the contour of your face. Again quality goggles are worth the extra money as they block harmfull rays that can quite easily damage your eyes. Dont try and Ski without goggles or you will damage your eyes with the glare from the snow.

Boots, Make sure you find a correct fitting boot or you will be going home after a few hours on the slopes. There is no standard boot that fits all feet so you have to try them on, again go with quality, you dont want sore feet. Make sure you try the boots locked into some bindings on Skis so you can transfer your weight around from heel to toe and feel for movement of your heel or points where the boots push on your feet. If they are not 100% keep trying on more untill you find the right ones.

The Skis and Bindings. Choosing the right skis for you depends on lots of things, such as your age, sex, skiing ability, and where you will be riding them. Its best to talk to a professional when selecting Skis and most people hire out for Skis for there first few outings before deciding to lash out and buy new Skis. The trained professionals will fit you out.

Enjoy your Skiing cheers Rob.